TAMFT will be seeking applications for member volunteers for committee service. Committee members will serve 2-year terms. 

The TAMFT Committees are as follows:

  • Governance Committee: Time Commitment: About 5-6 hours each year. Includes Board Secretary, President, Past-President or President-Elect, Elections Committee Chair, and 1 TAMFT Member. Governance Committee enforces TAMFT rules and policies, reviews TAMFT Bylaws and Policies for needed revisions, conducts annual Board self-evaluation, organizes Board and Committee structure, and oversees the Elections Subcommittee. There is also the opportunity for members to volunteer to serve on the Elections Subcommittee. 
  • Finance Committee: Time Commitment: About 8-10 hours each year. Includes Board Treasurer, Board Member-at-Large, and 2 TAMFT Members. Finance Committee collaborates to develop TAMFT budget for Board approval, receives regular financial reports, reviews and recommends financial policies and operating guidelines including possible investments, and if requested by Board, reviews TAMFT financial audit. 
  • Education Committee: Time Commitment: About 1 hour each month. Includes Board Liaison, Chair, Co-Chair, up to 7 TAMFT Members. Education Committee organizes and directs education opportunities including online CEUs, serves as the Steering Committee for the Annual Conference, and explores additional opportunities for member education. 
  • Membership Committee: Time Commitment: About 1 hour each month. Includes Board Liaison, Chair, Co-Chair, up to 7 TAMFT Members. Membership Committee establishes new recruitment strategies for members, communicates with universities to engage potential new members, communicates with lapsed/expired members to encourage renewals, helps with member marketing campaigns, and administers yearly member surveys. Also oversees Awards Subcommittee. 
  • Legislative Committee: Time Commitment: About 1 hour each month. Includes Board Liaison, Chair, Co-Chair, up to 7 TAMFT Members. Legislative Committee maintains the relationship with the TAMFT lobbyist, helps establish relationships with elected officials and their staffs, prepares updates to members on legislative issues, helps direct TAMFT advocacy efforts, prepares members to meet with legislators or testify, appoints members to or attends TSBEMFT, and BHEC meetings, and oversees Day at the Dome Steering Committee bi-annually. 
  • Conference Committee: Time commitment: About 2 hours a month. Includes Board Liaison, Chair, Co-Chair, and up to 4 TAMFT Members. Conference Committee organizes annual conference by reviewing conference budget, choosing the location of the conference and fees for hotel and speakers. Committee creates theme, logo, and marketing content, and collaborates with management company which will implement the committee's work. Committee will assist in creating calls for abstracts and reviewing abstracts for conference. Committee will choose and contact/contract with keynote speakers. Committee will plan the TSMFT and LMFT-Associate meetings.
  • Communications Committee: Time commitment: About 1 hour a month. Includes Board Liaison, Chair, Co-Chair, and up to 5 TAMFT Members. Communications Committee examines all social media that is used by TAMFT to ensure that it reaches and is respectful to all members, examines the website to ensure that it is user-friendly and is conducive to creating new memberships, and provides, at the Board's request, suggestions for advertising or marketing services or events of TAMFT.
  • Ethics and Social Justice Committee: Time commitment: About 1 hour a month. Includes Board Liaison, Chair, and 2 TAMFT Members. Ethics and Social Justice Committee reviews communications for Ethics CEUs, attends ethics hearings and is a point of contact for BHEC. They also work to provide ethics articles to the quarterly newsletter and sessions at the annual conference. 

You must be a TAMFT member in good standing to be eligible for a committee position. We will be accepting applications until all positions are filled. Questions about committees or the committee timeline may be sent to [email protected].

Apply for Committee Service