TAMFT Board Statement on El Paso and Dayton Shootings

TAMFT Board Statement on El Paso and Dayton Shootings

TAMFT is deeply saddened by the shootings that occurred in El Paso, TX, and in Dayton, OH, last weekend. Our deepest condolences are with those individuals and families who were injured or whose lives were lost in these tragedies.

When violence is no longer an outlier and when incidents like these are more commonplace, we must reflect as a community on the systemic problems that contribute to them. As a professional community trained to discern mental and behavioral health from illness and its impact on marriages and families, it is deeply troubling that some continue to seek to blame acts of violence on mental illness. Although it is true that mental illness sometimes does precede violence, misrepresenting violence as the result of mental illness is an illusion. Mental illness already endures a worldwide stigma. It does not need uninformed projections to make it worse. We encourage you to keep working to erase the stigmas around mental illness and the need for individuals and families to seek care from licensed professionals.

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Call for Proposals Now Open for 2020 Annual Conference

Submit Your Proposals for the 2020 Annual Conference

Whether you’re a seasoned clinician, you've been practicing for a few years, you’re just starting out, or if you’re finishing your degree and anticipating your own clinical practice, being a great therapist is so much more than knowing and relating to your clients. Marketing yourself and your business, taking care of basic business needs, narrowing down your focus as a therapist, moving yourself to an expert level, staying on top of trends and research in your field, taking care of yourself while taking care of others, or simply just getting started in your practice—propelling your passion for therapy into a successful and maintainable practice takes work. TAMFT is currently accepting proposals for the 2019 Conference program, with particular emphasis on the following areas of need:

  • Strategies/tools/guidance for building practices
  • Marketing ideas or technology solutions for therapists
  • Business solutions or tools for therapists
  • Tips for narrowing down into a focus
  • Specific niche areas and strategies/best practices for serving those
  • Special populations underserved in therapy/diversity issues
  • New research or trends in the field that therapists need to be aware of
  • Strategies for working with difficult/problematic clients or situations
  • New avenues for providing therapy (technology-assisted) and how/when/why to do these
  • Self-care for therapists
  • Ethics sessions
  • Supervisory sessions
  • Sessions specific to LMFT-Associate and student members
Submission Guidelines and Proposal Form

HB 1501 Passes Senate and House

Legislative Update: HB 1501 Passes Senate and House; Moves to Governor's Office

After a 4-year process, TAMFT is excited to announce HB1501 has passed both the House and Senate and is on its way to the Governors’ Desk! We have been in touch with the Governor’s office, and we are not anticipating a veto. 
On Wednesday, the House concurred with Senate amendments, with HB 1501 passing by a vote of 129-14 at 5:30 p.m. with key deadlines looming. After many meetings, working closely with our Social Work and LPC partners, the creation of the Behavioral Health Executive Council is now official. 

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