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We See You: Social Justice Resources

We See You: A Letter From President Linda Metcalf

Dear TAMFT Members and Friends, 

The past week has presented our nation with tragic events that have caused many of us to take pause and consider how to help all of our communities. The TAMFT Board wanted to reach out to you with support—to write this letter, I asked every Board member to provide their thoughts so that together we could send our message to you and your community. I am grateful for their contributions and have crafted them into the rest of this letter. 

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TAMFT Announces Partnership With Texas Attorney Kenda Dalrymple

TAMFT Announces Attorney Partnership as a New Members-Only Benefit!

TAMFT is excited to announce a partnership with Texas-based attorney Kenda Dalrymple, of Dalrymple, Shellhorse, Ellis & Diamond, LLP, to provide TAMFT members with answers to frequently asked legal and ethical questions and the opportunity to consult with an attorney who understands Texas law and regulations when needed. 

Members can access our new members-only Legal &Ethical FAQs page starting May 1 by logging into the TAMFT site with your member information. Included on this new webpage is a form to submit requests for legal consultation. When seeking legal consultation, please first read the FAQs section, then submit your question via the form. If you are not an active TAMFT member and cannot view the FAQs page, you may join or renew your membership here.

Taking Care of Families During the Coronavirus


Dear Texas Marriage and Family Therapists,

On behalf of your TAMFT Board of Directors, we encourage you to keep yourself safe and mindful of others as we navigate through the coronavirus crisis. You are each very important to the couples and families of Texas. Family stress from employment difficulties and financial worries, to health concerns, can exacerbate and systemically erupt a family system into chaos. 

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TAMFT Announces Partnership With Northcentral University

Member Benefit News: TAMFT Now Partnered With Northcentral University!

In TAMFT’s mission of advancement and promotion of marriage and family therapy in Texas, we look to partner with organizations who share this same goal. We are excited to share our newest partnership with Northcentral University. 

 TAMFT and Northcentral University have formed a partnership to offer TAMFT members a 15% tuition discount across all programs including PhD-MFT, DMFT and PhD-Psy. Northcentral University currently has the first and only distance-based PhD-MFT program that is COAMFTE accredited. You can learn more about the discount and the Northcentral University programs here.

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TAMFT 2020 Awards Nominations Open

Nominate Your MFT Peers for the TAMFT 2020 Awards!

Do you have a colleague who deserves to be recognized for their service to marriage and family therapy and TAMFT? Nominate them for a TAMFT Award today! 

Nominations will be accepted until January 17, 2020. The 2020 TAMFT awards will be presented at the annual TAMFT conference in Houston, February 27-29.

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Student Member Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the TAMFT Student Member Contest!

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TAMFT Announces Partnership With Brighter Vision

Member Benefit News: TAMFT Now Partnered With Brighter Vision!

In TAMFT’s mission of advancement and promotion of marriage and family therapy in Texas, we look to partner with organizations who share this same goal. Brighter Vision is one such company, and we’re very excited today to announce our partnership with them. 

If you’re not familiar, Brighter Vision specializes in making marketing simple for therapists, so you can grow your business and help more people. As a part of our partnership, all TAMFT members can now receive 2 months free off any website marketing and website package. To learn more, please click here.

Brighter Vision’s all-in-one website design service helps you grow your practice by:

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