Katey Villalon, Associate Representative


Katey Villalon is an LMFT-Associate, developing a private practice in Austin. She works with couples, as well as with families of adult children, and with individuals. A graduate of the Master of Arts in Counseling program at St. Edward's University, Katey previously served on the TAMFT Board from 2016-2018, as the Student Member. As Board Member and Legislative Committee Liaison, Katey is involved in advocating for LMFT stature, and disseminating legislative information to the membership. Additionally, she is committed to encouraging LMFTs, especially Associates, to participate in TAMFT. Katey believes that together, by lending our voices, and sharing our strengths. there is much that that can accomplished by ensuring that marriage and family therapists are well represented as important stakeholders, in mental health initiatives for the state of Texas.