Dear Students,

At the new TAMFT, we believe that you are the faces of our future. You will carry our profession forward!

Our goal is to support you as you move into the field. During the 2019 fall semester, we are having a membership contest where you and your fellow students will compete with other universities in Texas to get the most TAMFT student members. The contest will begin September 15 and run until November 15.

The schools gaining the most members (renewals and new members) will earn free conference registrations to the 2020 TAMFT Conference, Practice Makes Perfect, in Houston, TX, Feb. 27-29 and $50 gift cards. The school with the highest memberships will receive 3 free registrations and 3 gift cards. The runner-up school will receive 2 free registrations and 2 gift cards.

At this year’s conference, students will have a new student track with student-specific sessions and meet with Dr. David Keith privately after his live session Friday morning. Look him up: He worked side by side with Carl Whitaker!

Why join TAMFT?

It’s a great deal at $50! Students receive discounts on conferences, malpractice insurance for $25 through CPH insurance, access to member meetups/online CEUs, and more! In addition, you will have networking opportunities for getting supervisors, learning about private practice, meeting speakers at conferences, and connecting to well-known researchers. It is a built-in participant tool for research. Students can meet peers from other programs and interact with them and meet professors from other schools who have Ph.D. programs or those with internship opportunities.

Check out the student page on our website or join here.

See you in Houston!

Linda Metcalf, Membership Committee Chair

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